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How to Use Testimonials To Promote Your Home Based Bookkeeping Business

People like doing business with “Credible” businesses, especially with something as important as getting their bookkeeping right. A big thing nowadays is what we call “Social Proof”. People like to know that others are doing what they are considering doing before they take that initial leap of faith and sign up as your client.

A great way to provide your potential clients with this social proof is by using “testimonials”.


Focusing Your Home Based Accounting Business

The Benefits Of Specialising Your Home Based Accounting Business.
In order to stand out from the crowd these days, you need a USP (Unique Selling point). Good service and keen prices may help, but being different will set you apart from your competition.


Providing Small Business Bookkeeping Services

The amount of entrepreneurs who start their own businesses worldwide is quite staggering. It runs into many tens of thousands each and every month. This provides a great opportunity for skilled people who are willing to provide the services that those businesses require.

This opportunity gives bookkeepers the chance to be their own boss, say goodbye to the daily commute, work the days and hours they like and potentially earn more money by working for themselves instead of somebody else. Working for oneself is typically far more satisfy than working for somebody else and brings good financial benefits too. A further benefit is the ability to pick and choose your clients! No more having to put up with the ones you don’t like because you have to and your job depends on it!


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