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Developing A Marketing Plan

As a home based business owner, you will find that one of the hardest things in your early stages it to get new clients: To do this you need to start developing a marketing plan.


Business Plan Templates

Today I’ll let you in on a secret about Business Plan Templates because a very important aspect of any business is to have a Business Plan. The old adage “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” holds much truth and is a pitfall you need to avoid in your business.
Simply by planning the progress of your business you will be able to forecast your income, expenditure, cashflow, profit & loss and balance sheet. But don’t be scared – this can easily be achieved using Business Plan Templates – there is no need to spend your valuable time reinventing the wheel!


3 Powerful Ways Of Attracting Clients To Your Home Based Accounting Business

The majority of potential clients who search for your type of business are now using the internet. Business advertising in offline directories is no longer effective and the ROI is negligible. To get your business found when people are searching for you, here is a mini-guide for the steps you need to take for online success


Promoting Your Home Based Accounting Business

There are literally hundreds of ways to market a home based accounting or bookkeeping business but following are five excellent methods which have minimal costs.

People are abandoning yellow pages and offline directories these days and going to the internet to find what they need. You should make sure that your business is seen when your potential clients search for you. The most obvious solution is of course to have a website but there are also other low or no cost ways to advertise your home based accounting business online.


How To Use Networking To Grow Your Home Based Accounting Business

Networking can be a great source of clients for your home based accounting business. But it needs to be done properly.

The first thing you need to know about networking is that you should not try to sell directly to the people at networking groups. You are looking for referrals, not direct sales.

So you basically promote your business with the hope of getting referrals.


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