QuickBooks Premier 2010



 QuickBooks Premier (PC) 2010

QuickBooks 2010 provides an easy to use system for major financial tasks that a business must carry out on a regular basis including payroll, accounts receivable and payable, invoicing and reporting. It also gives business owners and decision makers the tools they need to run reports in order to make important financial and budgeting decisions.

The 2010 version makes it a lot simpler to edit invoices and other documents that you would create in an accounting program. It contains more built in professional designs for a wide variety of businesses. Companies that have managed finances using just Excel spreadsheets can import this data into QuickBooks. With the Document Management service which is a new feature of the 2010 edition, you can scan documents into the program and attach them to each related record. Document management also functions as a backup for any paper files that a business needs to save with up to 100MB of storage space.

Another great new feature is that you can now deposit and save checks electronically without having to run to the bank to make deposits. Intuit offers a new check scanning service that allows you to key enter your checks into QuickBooks to immediately deposit them into your bank account. However, the service is not free and there is a monthly fee plus a fee for each transaction. The new version also includes email marketing where you can customize and send emails to clients and customers using data from your QuickBooks database.

If you have a previous version of QuickBooks one of the drawbacks is upgrading to the newer version each year.  This is often an important factor to take into consideration as it does incur that you spend money for the upgrade. If you already have QuickBooks 2009, you might not really need to purchase the 2010 version as the main features and tasks needed for accounting are already included in the previous version. The main difference is the new apps and reporting features, however if you use Excel you can always create your own reports and filter the data yourself.

This software is great for small businesses who want a simple way to do basic accounting tasks. It is easy to learn and even non-accounting professionals can use it to make basic entries.

Also, for some of the additional new features you will have to pay additional monthly fees. However, if you consider that you may save time and money being able to better manage your customer data and marketing in one location, you may want to give QuickBooks 2010 a more serious look.

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