Sage 50 Accounts Plus 2011

A major benefit to this new version of Sage 50 Accounts Plus 2011 is being able to handle bank reconciliations more efficiently. You can post adjustments to supplier and customer accounts without having to always close the screen that displays reconciliations. If you have an account with a lot of transactions or need to reconcile each month, this will allow you to cut that time in half. The newer bank reconciliation reports allows you to print bank reconciliations while you are processing them which allows you to match them with your bank statements.

The inclusion of the Flat Rate VAT function is also helpful. In the past it may have been more tedious to run VAT returns, calculating the flat rate and making adjustments to sales as well as submitting the turn. The new function makes it a lot easier. Once the software is setup to use Flat Rate, you can perform all of the necessary returns to stay HMRC compliant.

You can email invoices, quotes and orders more easily to customers. It has an extra email column added so that you can check if an order, invoice or quote has been sent. You also have more selections to choose from when running reports.

This new version can be integrated with Sage Web Stores software allowing you to create new products and customers to generate receipts and invoices. Users can benefit from automatic payment downloads available through their web-store which saves on processing time.

The only downside to using this software is that it does not have drill down functionality like other accounting tools have. Also, it requires more of a learning curve than other similar tools available. Overall, Sage 50 Accounts Plus 2011 is a great option for growing small to mid-sized businesses.

Businesses can benefit from the 45 days of free customer support which can be helpful especially when they are installing and using Sage for the first time.

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