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Promoting Your Home Based Accounting Business

There are literally hundreds of ways to market a home based accounting or bookkeeping business but following are five excellent methods which have minimal costs.

People are abandoning yellow pages and offline directories these days and going to the internet to find what they need. You should make sure that your business is seen when your potential clients search for you. The most obvious solution is of course to have a website but there are also other low or no cost ways to advertise your home based accounting business online.


How To Use Networking To Grow Your Home Based Accounting Business

Networking can be a great source of clients for your home based accounting business. But it needs to be done properly.

The first thing you need to know about networking is that you should not try to sell directly to the people at networking groups. You are looking for referrals, not direct sales.

So you basically promote your business with the hope of getting referrals.


Focusing Your Home Based Accounting Business

The Benefits Of Specialising Your Home Based Accounting Business.
In order to stand out from the crowd these days, you need a USP (Unique Selling point). Good service and keen prices may help, but being different will set you apart from your competition.


Providing Small Business Bookkeeping Services

The amount of entrepreneurs who start their own businesses worldwide is quite staggering. It runs into many tens of thousands each and every month. This provides a great opportunity for skilled people who are willing to provide the services that those businesses require.

This opportunity gives bookkeepers the chance to be their own boss, say goodbye to the daily commute, work the days and hours they like and potentially earn more money by working for themselves instead of somebody else. Working for oneself is typically far more satisfy than working for somebody else and brings good financial benefits too. A further benefit is the ability to pick and choose your clients! No more having to put up with the ones you don’t like because you have to and your job depends on it!


Home Based Accounting Business

As more and more small businesses starting up, fueled mostly by the recession and exit of jobs, there are many opportunities to be successful providing accounting services for small company owners. As accounting practices get more and more clients, you might wish to work for them on a self-employed basis.


When is a good time to start your own Bookkeeping Business?

Do you believe that you need to wait until the economy improves to start your own bookkeeping business? You could be making a common mistake! With the economy in poor condition and many people experiencing job losses, nobody can argue that these are indeed tough times. But his is where your opportunity lays! As jobs [...]


Accounting And Bookkeeping Software For A Home Based Business

Many home business start ups do not become successful because they are missing the required financial systems to keep track of their finances and cashflows. This blog post will help you to avoid these common mistakes and help your business become successful.


Small Business Bookkeeping

If you are looking to undertake bookkeeping for small businesses, this article will help you achieve success at interviews. It will also help you advise your potential clients on what they can do to maintain the correct records and help keep their costs down.


Starting Accounting Business?

Starting Accounting Business


Starting a Home Based Accounting Business

Starting a Home Based Accounting Business can be very rewarding if a few simple steps are followed


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Get Your Business Found on Google

If you are in business or in the process of setting up, the best way I recommend to attract new customers is “Google Places”, formerly known as google maps. You will need a Gmail account in order to set this up and a small amount of time spent doing this could pay dividends for years [...]


Your 3 Best Options For Starting Your Bookkeeping Business For Less

Perhaps the question I get asked the most about starting a bookkeeping business is, “How can I do this when I’m working with a shoestring budget?” Setting up your bookkeeping business at home is cheaper than most businesses to start, but there are a couple of tricks you need to know to really help with [...]


Suggestions For Single Moms Who Want to Run an Online Business

I am a single mom looking to start an online business. What would you suggest for me? This is a question asked by millions of women who have dreamed of starting something that would allow them to stay home and take care of their children and work to support their families. Today we have more [...]


3 Best Options For Single Moms in Low Cost Home Businesses

Many single moms have the erroneous belief that having less money than other families is just a fact of life. It doesn’t have to be that way. These days there are so many more ways to make money than there were in our parent’s generation. Here are three of the best low cost home business [...]


Virtual Bookkeeping – The Key to Your Success

Are you a bookkeeper who is considering doing virtual bookkeeping in order to expand your bookkeeping business? This is a great option especially if you live in an area with limited business prospects. You’ll have to setup a website in order to do virtual bookkeeping as you’ll need a way to showcase your services and [...]