3 Powerful Ways Of Attracting Clients To Your Home Based Accounting Business

Use The Power of The Internet To Get Clients for Your Home Based Accounting Business

The majority of potential clients who search for your type of business are now using the internet. Business advertising in offline directories is no longer effective and the ROI is negligible. To make sure your business gets found when prospects are searching for you, follow this mini-guide with the steps you need to take for online success.

Keyword Research

Before you can put your business under the nose of your potential clients you need to know what they are typing into the search engines when looking for you. This step is a vital first step upon which your success hinges.
The easiest (and free!) way to do this is to use the “Google Keyword Tool” (just type that into Google and it is the top result)
When the search becomes available, enter possible keywords such as “accountant” or “bookkeeper” followed by your location modifier e.g. “accountant New York”
Find the terms relevant to your business that are having regular searches and make a list of these. You should have around 10 – 20 in order of popularity. This list will form the basis for the following steps.


Short articles (300-500 words) should be added to your website/blog for each of these keywords. You could add one or two a week. The keyword should be included in the page title and the body of text a couple of times. A key point to consider here is that search engines do not show web sites, they show web pages. Each page or blog post will rank independently of the rest of the site.

Google Places

You can add your business to the Google local search listings (aka Google places) free of charge! And these are very powerful when done correctly. There are online videos available to help you and my biggest suggestion is to utilise the 5 available categories using your top keywords (no need to include the location in the categories) but Google insits that the first category is chosen from their selection.


This can be far less complicated than you may think!
Short videos can be made and added (free) to YouTube. Google owns YouTube and ranks videos highly in their search results. A simple Flip Video can be used or if you are camera shy, go to , upload some photographs relevant to your business, add a little text and your contact details at the end (by using a text box) and animoto will create a video for you. They offer multiple levels of service but the free service should be sufficient for a 30 second video.


These 3 techniques should put you in front of your potential clients when they are looking for you. If you need any help with anything in this article, please contact me using the “Contact Us” page. As with all marketing you should track your results. Speak to your webmaster about having Google Analytics added to your website.

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