Get Your Business Found on Google

If you are in business or in the process of setting up, the best way I recommend to attract new customers is “Google Places”, formerly known as google maps.

You will need a Gmail account in order to set this up and a small amount of time spent doing this could pay dividends for years to come.

The best bit is that there is NO CHARGE!

Imagine that! it is like having a yellow pages ad completely f*r*e*e !

All you need to do is go to Google, set up a Gmail account and then set up your business listing in Google Places.

Top Tip.
Keywords are essential.
Put a number of different keywords as your categories to attract a wider searching audience to your business.
e.g. Accountant, Accounting services,Bookkeeper, bookkeeping services, and so on.

The find out exactly what people are searching for, use Google’s “Keyword tool” (Just google “Keyword tool” – it is the top result) and use these to decide wich keywords to place in your listing.

If this sounds technical, don’t worry – it isn’t.
There are videos in Google and YouTube to take you through the whole process.

However, if you need help click here  for an expert service which Guarantees you results. 

Just “Google” it – because that’s what your potential customers will be doing and you must be there when they are looking!

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