How To Use Networking To Grow Your Home Based Accounting Business

The Power Of Networking

Networking can be a great source of clients for your home based accounting business. But it needs to be done properly.

The first thing you need to know about networking is that you should not try to sell directly to the people at networking groups. You are looking for referrals, not direct sales.

So you basically promote your business with the hope of getting referrals.

The reason for this is that nobody likes to be sold to.

By doing this, some people will ask questions and become clients – moreso than if you try to sell to them! They will also warm to you more and you can build successful relationships which will become mutually beneficial.

Secondly, you must play the game and help other members get referrals for their business. It is all about helping each other and adding value to the group. Fortunately, we are in an excellent position to do this as we tend to have a diverse range of clients in our business.

Choosing a Networking Group.

If you are unsure where to start, just go online or to a local directory and look for local business networking groups.

Choose a few to contact and get in touch with them to ascertain the following:

  • How many people are there in their group?
  • Is there room for an accountant? (many networking groups will only allow one person per industry in each group)
  • What days and times do the group run and is that convenient for you?
  • What is the location of the meetings?
  • Do they do one-to-ones with other members?
  • Do they allow members to make presentations to the group?

The first four are important as they will help you decide which ones you may be able to attend.

The last two points will help you determine how much you will get out of the groups as these two methods vastly increase your chances of attracting clients by promoting your business.

You may also like to ask about the cost of membership as this can be relatively expensive. However, you can usually attend as a guest before you decide whether or not you want to join.

Weigh up all of the above points before handing you money over. You need to ensure that your membership fee has a good chance of producing a steady flow of clients for your Home Based accounting business. Due diligence will ensure your membership fees are an investment rather than a cost to your business.

And as a final point, make networking fun. Make it something you enjoy and building relationships will be a pleasure. The rewards will soon follow.

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