Promoting Your Home Based Accounting Business

5 Low Or No Cost Ways To Get Clients for Your Home Based Accounting Business

There are literally hundreds of ways to market a home based accounting or bookkeeping business but following are five excellent methods which have minimal costs.

Business Cards That Sell

There are low cost but essential items for your business marketing toolkit. In addition to the generic details that all businesses include (name, address, telephone, etc) you should turn it into a MINI-SALES BROCHURE. Include the key benefits of your services to the prospect e.g. Save taxes, Save time on your card. Add your USP (unique selling proposition) or tagline. Use both sides of the card and include a discount coupon or special offer if you use these as enticements.

Bumper Stickers or Car Decals

For a one-off cost, you can be advertising your business for years to come. Ensure that your sales message is clear and your call to action (phone number, website address etc) is easy to remember. When parking your car, remember to position it in prominent places for maximum exposure, especially at business meetings and networking events. If you do not wish to have permanent graphics on your car, magnetic solutions can be used.

Press Releases

This is a whole subject in itself and will require some time and effort on your part, or you could pay somebody else to do it. Do not simply promote your business but think of stories that the press may be interested in that are related to your industry. You can position yourself as an expert by commenting on recent budgets or tax changes. Your business should always get a mention at the end of the press release and there should also be a call to action, such as visit our website for more details. The Press release should be distributed to relevant newspapers, magazines, industry publications, local radio and TV stations.

Ask For Referrals

Let your family, friends and acquaintances know that you about your home based accounting business and what you have to offer your potential clients. Give them a few business cards to offer others. Offer to give them something for each new client that they send your way, such as shopping vouchers, money or a suitable gift. And do the same with your customers. Satisfied customers can be your best marketing weapon and you should prominently display any testimonials you can obtain.

Make the Internet work for you

People are abandoning yellow pages and offline directories these days and going to the internet to find what they need. You should make sure that your business is seen when your potential clients search for you. The most obvious solution is of course to have a website but there are also other  low or no cost ways to advertise your home based accounting business online.

  • Google Places: Add your business to the local search listings (free)
  • Use video: YouTube Videos rank highly on Google so promote your business! (free)
  • Sponsored Ads: also known as Pay-Per-Click. Does cost a little and needs to be used correctly
  • Article submissions: Write articles and post to article directories for traffic and back links
  • Online Press releases: Cost time and money too but when done right can work wonders

Each one of these methods has it’s own skill-set and should be learned before undertaking each task. Or you could simply hire an expert to do this for you,


In essence, you want your business to be seen by your potential clients. So either you or your marketing messages need to be where your clients will see them, be that online or offline. And don’t forget the power of word of mouth!

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