When is a good time to start your own Bookkeeping Business?

Do you believe that you need to wait until the economy improves to start your own bookkeeping business? You could be making a common mistake!
With the economy in poor condition and many people experiencing job losses, nobody can argue that these are indeed tough times.
But his is where your opportunity lays! As jobs become less secure and indeed lost, more and more small businesses are popping up all over the country.

Many people are finally starting that business that they’ve always dreamed of but lacked that final push to get them started.
With the advent of the Information age, most homes now have a computer with internet access. This makes the cost of starting a home based business extremely cheap in comparison to just a few years back when you were expected to have premises, staff and high overheads.
Nowadays there are numerous businesses that can be started from home with next to no money.  (Bookkeeping businesses included!).  This low cost start up and current economy is fuelling the surge in start ups.
And take a quick guess at what almost every start-up business is going to require sooner or later? Yes, a bookkeeper or accountant: and that’s where you come in!

There are now more potential clients for your bookkeeping services than ever before.
In the main, these new business owners have little or no idea how to do keep their accounting records and are very often reluctant to learn. But there are laws forcing them to keep accurate records and failure to comply means potential penalties from government agencies. Therefore a competent bookkeeper such as you is required and demand is increasing.
So the answer to the question “When to start your own bookkeeping business” is “NOW!” You need get your new bookkeeping business up and running as soon as possible to help meet this surge in demand.

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