Developing A Marketing Plan

Developing a Marketing Plan For Your Home Business.


As a home based business owner, you will find that one of the hardest things in your early stages it to get new clients: To do this you need to start developing a marketing plan.

(I have previously made numerous blog posts to help and will give you links to them in this post).

Why Should I be Developing A Marketing Plan ?

So many new businesses fall at this hurdle, not realizing that they not only need to be good at what they do but that developing a marketing plan is the key to growing any business.Developing A Marketing Plan

Another big plus is that if you get your marketing right, you may never need to do any selling. (That said, if you do need to meet people face to face to “sell”, just be yourself and ensure you are providing the potential client with what they need. Don’t get hype-y or sales-y, be honest and genuine).

Developing A Marketing Plan For Your Home Based Business

Firstly you will need to test a number of different marketing systems whilst ensuring that you are tracking the results. These systems should include Getting your business found on Google, Marketing your home based accounting business, Using testimonials, The Power of Networking, the 5 Low-cost ways to get New Clients and using the power of the internet to attract new clients.

Take each method, one at a time and implement them into your business marketing mix. Test and measure the results. Keep a notepad near your business phone and anytime you get a new enquiry, ask how they heard about you.

As time goes by you will begin to form an idea of which methods are producing results and which ones aren’t. You can also look at how much time and/or money each method costs and compare that to the results achieved.

Then use common sense: Do more of what is working for you and reduce the ineffective marketing until you have a finely-tuned lead generation system.

Writing Advertisements for your Home Based Accounting Business

Another thing to understand is that there is a skill to writing advertisements. You have a few choices here:

1)      Buy a course and study this skill (expensive and time consuming)

2)      Buy a copywriting book from Amazon and read it. (Much cheaper and easier) or

3)      Copy other successful adverts! Not word for word but adapt them to your business. (Fast and easy!)

In essence, you need to give your prospects a good reason to choose you. A unique selling point, a guarantee or anything to make you stand out from the crowd will increase your chances of converting your prospects into customers.

Finally, when developing a marketing plan you should consider who your ideal client is and which media you should use to get your message in front of them.

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